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With more than 4 decades of experience, Ward North American has the tried and tested know-how to seamlessly relocate you across states. Let us use our commitment to excellence, superbly-trained teams, and stellar drivers to create a stress-free move between Texas and California. We would love to show you why we are considered the most professional movers in Texas!

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    Moving to California

    As America’s most populous nation, California runs rich with opportunity, beauty, and attractions. From Silicon Valley to Napa Valley, Disneyland to the Redwood forest, it is no wonder this state attracts almost 40,000 Texans every year. Here are some of the biggest reasons our clients move from Texas to the Golden State.

    Incredible Weather

    Warmth is abundant in Texas, but California’s weather is famous for being among the best in the nation. Summers are reasonably warm, with highs around 85, while winters are warm and mild, with highs around 69. Add in more than 260 days of sunshine, and you have a place that takes incredible weather to a new level.

    Stunning National Parks

    California holds the record for the most national parks with 9 of them. That guarantees a plethora of stunning outdoor surroundings to hike, bike, camp, fish, and rest in. Plus, California’s varied geography includes everything from mountains to deserts, beaches to forests, so residents can find a place to enjoy no matter what kind of outdoor environment they prefer.

    Thriving Economy

    California’s large size comes with an equally large, and healthy, economy. The world’s fifth-largest economy comes with many lucrative job opportunities, including endless tech jobs in the famed Silicon Valley. Other industries to explore include the entertainment, travel, tourism, and service fields.

    International Cuisine

    California is rich in opportunities to indulge your foodie side. Los Angeles is a recognized best food city in America, while San Diego has more than 7,000 restaurants. Anywhere you relocate will offer dining from across the world so you can pursue your favorite dishes or explore new and incredible places to dine.

    Eco-Friendly Focus

    In many ways, California is a leader in eco-friendly solutions. The state currently accounts for 36 percent of the nation’s renewable energy sector. With a dedication to fostering electric and hybrid cars and as a major consumer of solar power, California has a proven track record of embracing a green way of life.

    Endless Entertainment

    Hollywood is perhaps California’s most famous entertainment-related location. However, the state also offers many other ways to stay occupied, including Disneyland and other amusement parks, the San Diego Zoo, professional sports, national parks, the Golden Gate Bridge, and endless art and culture performances.

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    State to State Moving Pros

    Our 40 years of moving experience has allowed us to witness practically every relocation blunder, and we want to ensure that you don’t make one of them. To help you with every stage of the process, from packing your stuff to carefully transferring your priceless goods to unloading everything on the other side, our professional movers help you with everything. We can assist you in avoiding all of these typical moving errors:

    • Hiring a mover who is dishonest or unreliable
    • Overspending on your relocation
    • Packing hazardous substances (like flammables)
    • Attempting to DIY large or expensive items
    • Failing to protect your possessions with insurance
    • Missing the deadlines for moving

    Why Move with us?

    We have the knowledge, resources, and tools to manage your move to California as the top Texas mover.

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    More Than 40 Years In Business

    In addition to our extensive knowledge, we are completely licensed and insured. Whatever the size or complexity of your move to California, you can rely on us to have the knowledge you need.

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    A Variety of Services

    No matter if you’re moving your house or office, our selection of moving services can meet every requirement, be it Residential, Commercial, or Storage. We can offer it to you if you require it.

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    Experienced Professionals

    Your belongings are handled with extreme care and professionalism by our skilled, thoroughly screened movers. Additionally, our crew can easily handle even the most specialized things because of our cutting-edge equipment.


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    About Ward NorthAmerican

    Moving can be stressful enough with all the worry associated with every little aspect of the transition. Professional movers skilled in corporate relocation, military relocation, business relocation, residential relocation, international relocation, and moving and storage make up our team. This indicates that we have extensive experience moving without any complications.

    We are skilled at what we do

    We at Ward North American are proud of the top-notch moving services we offer. We can handle any move, obstacle, and item throughout your California relocation thanks to our decades of experience and Ward University-trained staff of moving specialists.

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    Our movers routinely participate in professional training at our esteemed Ward University, keeping their knowledge current and in front of the competition.

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    We can handle a move on practically any deadline since we know what we’re doing. Allow our experts to assist you in navigating the schedule and logistics easily.

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    We keep your possessions safe, no matter the distance, and we abide by what we say. You can rely on our local movers to handle your belongings cautiously and move them to your new home when needed.

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